ResidentialFor generation after generation, Kankakee has been a gem of the Midwest largely due to its propensity for wholesome community and togetherness. Long-time residents of Kankakee hold their city tightly as a treasure, but welcome new faces and families with open arms. Read below to learn more about how you can make Kankakee your home.

Kankakee has three programs designed to incentivize home ownership: 



Indian Meadows Subdivision

  • Residents who move to Indian Meadows Subdivision are offered a Property Tax Rebate as well as a 50% discount on building permit fees.






$2,500 Down Payment Assistance

  • Down Payment Assistance for anyone who purchases a single family owner occupied residence in the City of Kankakee.  No income guide restrictions. Home purchase must be a minimum of $30,000.00





Vacant Lot New Construction

  • Empty lots constructed into new single family owner occupied residences receive 50% rebate of City portion of property tax bill for five years as well as 50% discount of building permit fees.


Coachlight Square/Neighbors In Riverview
Riverside Neighborhood Organization
Risser Neighborhood Association
Riverview Historic District
Gracefield Area Neighborhood
Hillcrest Association Of Responsible People
Fourth Ward Neighborhood Association
Marycrest Association Of Responsible Citizens

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